Upcoming Events and Wonderful Workshops

Invdividual or Small Group Meditation & Sound Healing Sessions:
Nurture  your authentic voice and tap into inner wisdom~ Through therapeutic sounds, meditation, and art making.  Individual and Small Group Sessions are designed to support:
-personal growth
-transformation Individual & Small Group Sessions Available from 30 to 90 minutes in person or via zoom. Introductory Rates: $35.00 to $85.00
@ 15 Union Street, Milford, NH and Online via Zoom
email for event registration
Clay Bowl & Vase Workshop: Sat. Nov 20 OR Sun. Nov 21st
Create your own bowl and decorative vase from clay using stamps, and/or elements from nature to decorate and fill with your intentions. This workshop is limited to six people who are interested in using meditation and journaling to create an object from clay that will be infused with personal intentions and wisdom.  
Select Date: November 20th OR November 21st. 12:30-4:30  
Cost:  $50-65/person.
Price Includes: clay to make 1 large or 2 small bowls and a vase, glaze, tools and materials, including stamps and other objects from nature to form and decorate bowls and vases. Includes tea, cider or coffee served with cheese, crackers, fruit and chocolate.
email for event registration