Wisdom Circles are for those seeking more peace in their lives and in the world. 

Wisdom Circles are gatherings (virtual or in-person) that bring together small groups interested in a specific topic or area for individual and/or collective reflection, meditation, and healing.

Wisdom Circles can be facilitated for small groups or organizations upon request. With topics of choice from Toltec Wisdom to Self-Care Strategies. Check out the Events page for further details and current offerings.

SOUND HEALING MEDITATIONS: Recent meditations can found on Instagram @wisdomcollective_kc

Women's Wisdom Tea & Conversation with Sound Healing.
Wisdom Collective hosts in person and virtual events focusing on one on a topic related to the energies of the month or on a topic of concern or inquiry determined by current events, astrology or group participants.

Sessions include a meditation, dialogue and the creation of an art project, projects can be clay, collage, intuitive painting or drawing, for its through movement and art-making we can move more easily from head to heart. Sessions end with a sound healing and include tea and light refreshments.

In these sessions we explore how we are using our words, actions and our bodies to react, respond and create in our daily lives. This monthly series requires showing up with an open mind and a sense of adventure.

Your life is your canvas and your body the paintbrush. When begin to explore outside of our comfort zones, we give our minds a chance to let the heart and soul lead.  

To learn more about these wisdom circles:
Email Karen at: karen@wisdomcollective.net

We can balance our now almost aggressive capacity for creativity with our awakening senses for receptivity.